Why Use Smudge Sticks?

why use smudge sticks?

Burning smudge sticks is said to cleanse your home. But why use smudge sticks at all?

If you burn smudge sticks on a weekly basis, you are guaranteed to notice a lightness of energy and calmness in your home. Smudging is a powerful way to cleanse old energy and welcome in the new energy with all the possibilities it holds.

Now before you think this is a bit ‘out there’ or simplistic this magical process is actually backed by science.

Need Proof?

A study published in the journal Ethnopharmacology, observed that a treatment of medicinal smoke caused an over 94% reduction of bacteria in 60 minutes. Furthermore, the smoke maintained air purity for up to 24h in the closed room.

In Australia, many Aboriginal communities collect and smoulder native Aussie plants to clear unwanted energies. Emu bush for example, is renowned for its antimicrobial properties that are released through the process of smoking.

Science is awesome, but I  prefer to focus on the energy and cleansing side of things to keep the living environment at a high vibrational frequency.

How to Burn Smudge Sticks

If you are burning smudge to purify a space or a person then your intention needs to be clearly in your mind.

  • Light your smudge stick then gently wave to extinguish the flame.
  • Be careful not to fill the area to thickly with smoke this is not a fumigation, just a cleansing.
  • Hold the Smudge over a ceramic bowl to catch any falling ash, walk around your home gently waving your stick to fill each room with smoke. Concentrate on windows, doors, hallways and the corners of rooms. Use your intuition and allow the space to tell you where it needs it the most.
  • When finished, snuff the stick by pressing it into the ceramic bowl.
  • You can relight and repeat this process until the stick has completely burned.

You can Smudge as often as you feel you need to clear your space. For example, if you have a heated conversation with someone Smudging is a great way to remove the bad vibe and raise the mood.


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