How to use Singing Bowls for Healing

How to use Singing Bowls for Healing

How to use Singing Bowls for Healing

Singing bowls have obvious healing effects based on over 5000 years of Indian medicine. Once you have undergone the healing yourself, you naturally want to share it with other people.  According to ancient Eastern teachings the universe and mankind were created from the sound (OM) therefore man is sound.

When using a singing bowl for healing the harmonic sound massages your cells releasing energy blockages. Singing bowls promote deep relaxation with profound healing effects.

Get Ready to Heal

Singing bowls can be used along with Reiki, hands-on-healing, and massage. When it comes to healing with sound vibrations, there is an equation that all the experts seem to follow sound + intention = healing.

Lie the person down in a comfortable position. Use pillows for support and use a blanket if it’s chilly.

First, use your intuition to feel which bowl the person needs most.This will be the most healing for that person. ‘Play’ The bowl moving around and over the body, and especially around the head. This technique allows you to tune into the energies, chakras or aura of the person and work to clear any negative energies.

The singing bowl can be placed on the body. The chest is an important area to work on, as a lot of childhood traumas are stored there. Singing bowls can be placed on the belly and next to the head. The back is also a good as long as the person is comfortable. Hips and shoulders can also be worked on.

Healing is more about tuning in and feeling what needs to be done without any interference of your ego. You do not heal, you create a space that allows the healing to take place. The healing will be whatever is necessary for that person, at that time.

If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.

Go to the Master

If you would like to explore this profound healing technique check out this book ‘How to Heal with Singing Bowls’ by Suren Shrestha. Not only is Suren an amazing healer & teacher all proceeds go to Suren’s dream of building an orphanage in his home village in Nepal.

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