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Used in conjunction with your practice chakra perfume oil is ideal for bringing you chakra’s back into balance. Our chakra oils contain only pure essential oils and no nasty chemicals and smell wonderful too! To help choose the best chakra scent here’s a quick list of underactive chakra symptoms: Root Chakra: Apathy, Weakness, Depression, Passivity, Lethargy. Sacral Chakra: Disinterest, Repressed Feelings, Self-deprivation, Depression, Sexual Repression. Solar Plexus Chakra: Wishy-washiness, Inability to Concentrate, Naive, Passive. Closed Heart Chakra: Loneliness, Suspicion, Neediness.Throat Chakra: Dishonesty, Willfulness, Hostility, Confusion, Repressed Expression. Forehead Chakra: Lack of Imagination, Insensitivity, Self-absorption, Narrow-mindedness. Crown Chakra: Lack of purpose, Feel unloved, Clumsiness, Poor balance.